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In the historical geographic area of Mtiuleti covers the valley of White River of Aragvi. Its center, the town of Pasanauri, is located at the confluence of the white and black (Gudamakari) Aragvi, on the valley surrounded by the  Caucasian mountains.

Pasanauri is popular climatic-balneological resort. At the edge of the town, in the gorge of Aragvi, on the surface of the land several mineral springs rise, which are used for gastro-intestinal disorders. In the middle of the mountain climate is conducive to the improvement of the body in general. According to the beliefs of the locals, Aragvi white water also helps with treatment - it has a positive effect on diseases of the articulation. During the Soviet period some resting homes were functioning in Pasanauri.

In the gorge of the river Gudamakari Aragvi, from the east of Pasanauri, Gudamakari is located, which is the historic and geographical part of eastern Georgia. The valley is popular among Eco tourists and hikers. The cultural monuments stand out from characteristic of religious buildings in the Eastern Highlands. Valley is the source of dozens of mineral water. In Gudamakari they arecalled acidulous waters. Waters stand out for being colored in red, most likely, because of abundant iron content.

Mountainous fast rivers, with powerful flow and various kinds of obstacles (stones, riffle section, fast currents)  are attracting Leisure extreme sport and rafting lovers. On the whole flow of Aragvi there are many such places, which are the reason why rafting fans often visit Black and Mtiuleti Aragvi.

Location: Municipal District of Dusheti, southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus, the gorge of the river White Aragvi

Distance– 90 km from Tbilisi

Height above the Sea Level: 1050 m.


Climate:High Mountain (lower zone). Winter is cold and snowy. The average temperature is -4,10C. Summer is warm. Average temperature in August 18,60C.

The average annual relative humidity:72%

Duration of sunshine per year:2100 hours

Natural healing factors:  The average climate of the mountain in the lower rim and carbon dioxide, chloride and hydrocarbonate, sodium (Esentuki type) mineral waters, the total mineralization 3-15 g / dm3. Types of treatment: Passive climate, mineral baths and water intake (drinking).